Eman Profile

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Art History and was awarded an Entrance Scholarship to Carleton University. After graduating high school, I was awarded the Dale Haus Waldoch Art Award for my final year portfolio, including scholarship. Since then, I have worked mainly in art galleries in a variety of roles.

When I was 16 years old, I took a computer programming class in school. While coding 0s and 1s, I remember thinking "How do I use these numbers to make art?" Years later, I've done just that. As a successful visual artist, my palette has typically included watercolours, graphite and acrylic. Now, I have added HTML, CSS and JavaScript to my palette. To me, Web Development is the perfect harmony between creative principles of design and logical mathematical concepts. Coding allows me the freedom to create the content I want and style it the way I envision. A white computer screen has essentially become my new blank canvas and the possibilities are endless!

I am happiest when I'm at home being creative. Some podcasts I am currently listening to are: Boagworld and Developer Tea.

I am currently taking on new web design projects. I would love to hear from you!

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